Impotence is not always an old age ailment. Impotence usually occurs in the form of erectile dysfunction in young men for a variety of reasons. Research has shown that 40 percent of men between the ages of 20 and 40 have some degree of impotence and many have had the problem for most of their sexually active life.

Impotence in young men can be caused by a variety of physical conditions, mental conditions, and lifestyle choices. Impotence in young men is most often caused by a combination of factors.

Physical conditions

Some men have a genetic predisposition toward an inability to perform. The condition is inherited. The blood vessels that allow the penis to become engorged with blood may be smaller than normal. Some men are born with a predisposition to have an enlarged prostate in the early years of their life. The growing prostate reduces blood flow to the penis.

Physical injury sustained at a very early age can cause impotence. Sports injuries are the most frequent cause of impotence in young men. A man can become impotent at an early age from receiving multiple blows to the groin or kidneys while playing sports.

Disease like diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, kidney failure, and some infections can cause impotence. Some drugs that are taken to relieve diseases or disease symptoms can cause impotence.

Some sexual positions can cause physical damage that results in impotence. The woman on top position can damage a young man to the point that he is temporarily impotent if the sexual activity is very vigorous.

Mental conditions

Anxiety is the number one cause of impotence in young men. Clinical anxiety is not as much of a problem to young men as performance anxiety that is induced by a failure to perform.

Performance anxiety is the most common problem for young men. Obsessing about one instance of poor or inadequate sexual performance can produce a state of fear that impedes performance in otherwise healthy men.

Depression can produce impotence. Depression is often marked by a lack of interest in sexual activity that can be accompanied by impotence.

Stress is the world’s most common killer and a major cause of impotence in young men. The chemicals that the body produces in response to stress and continued high levels of stress act to inhibit the natural chemistry of achieving an erection.

Smoking cigarettes or using tobacco in any form has been clinically proven to produce impotence in young men. Drinking alcohol in excess can make young men impotent. Heavy marijuana use has been shown to make the potential for impotence three times higher in young men. Cocaine gives the desire for sex but inhibits the performance.

Impotence at a young age can have a physical, mental, or lifestyle origin that can be successfully addressed with proper diagnosis and therapy.

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